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A Preview of AVXIP: A Distributed P2P Network with Elements of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A Preview of AVXIP: A Distributed P2P Network with Elements of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

With the increasing popularity and advanced applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency among different industries, AVXIP has responded with a new twist in the entertainment industry.


In 2008, AVXIP, a FinTech business conceptualized a proprietary protocol for scalable mass distribution of large data files. AVXIP stands for Audio Video eXchange over Internet Protocol. It is designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment that is set to revolutionize the distribution of proprietary data over the internet. Being eager to move forward, the company immediately began to develop their business plan and start to flesh out the process.


The initial implementation of AVXIP’s protocol was ambitious and a bit ahead of its time technically as there were challenges from security and centralized data points as well as difficulties with payment options. Only since 2014 with the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies were there technological solutions to the challenges faced.


Last year, as AVXIP pursue its vision, the company contracted with Resonant Marketing Group, a Blockchain Consultant Company to develop their proprietary P2P file exchange network. It is said to be a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) network with elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency, creating a whole new platform in the entertainment industry and changing the way we do file sharing.


Following the contract between AVXIP and Resonant Marketing Group, AVXIP licenses their protocol to AVXChange just this year. The agreement made between the two parties makes AVXChange as the first and sole licensee at the moment and will enjoy an exclusive right to the technology for three years. Details about the said technology are not forthcoming.

AVXChange Announces its Agreement with AVXIP

AVXChange Announces its Agreement with AVXIP

AVXChange has made an agreement with AVXIP to be their first and exclusive licensee of AVXIP’s groundbreaking distributed media sales platform. The agreement grants AVXChange the exclusive right to the platform for at least 3 years with an option to renew if certain performance milestones are reached. Specifics regarding the milestones are not available

AVXIP’s technology has to do with the sales of digital media over the internet integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency in a scalable peer to peer environment.  AVXChange will be the entity implementing this technology.

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