Streaming war is coming!

For the last decade, streaming services like Netflix have become a popular way of watching television and film which lead to the disruption of the entertainment business model. Streaming has become the standard for watching movies and TV-shows for most individuals and has become the biggest competitor for piracy sites. With the rise of more and more streaming services by large media companies such as Apple and Disney, it is becoming difficult for consumers to choose which services to subscribe to in order to get all the files they want, especially now that these companies are spending a great deal more on producing exclusive content.

Are consumers ready to pay for three, five or more different monthly subscriptions?

According to research by piracy research firm MUSO, people are likely to use unlicensed platforms to search for content that is unavailable. Which means individuals are considering to pirate those files since they feel like they are already paying too much for their subscription and are not willing to pay for any more streaming services.

If you are currently subscribed to any streaming service, are you willing to ditch current services for a better solution?

For those reasons previously mentioned, AVXChange would like to present our platform to those unsatisfied consumers. AVXChange’s platform will be available in any country and will allow users to purchase any content they wish through a single interface. Which means, AVXChange is going to provide all the files you want, any time you want without having to pay or create several accounts with various retailers to acquire all the possible content you wish to acquire.

AVXChange or Audio Video eXchange is an incentivized peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment over the internet. It is a unique distributed P2P file sharing platform built using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain, and our native cryptocurrency (AVX), for incentivized purchasing and participation, easy global transactions, security, and immutable transparent transaction history.

Ernesto at TorrentFreak wrote an in-depth article on this topic.
Check it out for more insight:

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