AVXChange is pleased to announce a new advisor to the team. Mr Haw has joined the AVXChange team as a blockchain and business advisor. Mr. Haw works with founders of a few listed companies over a few decades. The listed companies annual turnover are in the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and helped to kickstart a few IPOs. He has exited as a C-suite member in one of its subsidiaries and is now a partner in a fintech company. Mr. Haw will use his experience in business, fintech and his connections across these industries to advise AVXChange on related matters.

We have conducted a small interview with Mr. Haw and talked about what made him join AVXChange, what makes it different from competing projects, and its real-world use case and benefits.

Here’s a transcript of our interview.

AVXChange: “Why did you first get interested in AVXChange?”

Haw: “As an observer and believer in transparency from enterprises, I had AVXChange on the top of my blockchain list as one of the few companies with a great team and real-use which is the sale of audio video entertainment products.”

AVXChange: “In your view, what makes AVX stand out from other blockchain projects?”

Haw: “With their encrypted, custom P2P file sharing platform and incentivized model within their ecosystem, the AVXChange application, DLT and native AVX tokens will be the new era in the digital entertainment world. Without incentivizing P2P file-sharing, systems can be counter-productive. What makes them even more unique is the fact they are using distributed ledger technology to run the application and their token. Basically they will have their own blockchain that will be run by community members and users. All will earn the AVX token for their role in the ecosystem.”

AVXChange: “How can IP owners and users both benefit from AVXChange?”

Haw: “AVXChange is a marketplace which incentives ground “actors” with the best of what blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can provide. Through AVX tokenomics within its own ecosystem, IP owners are given their fair share for their efforts in the entertainment industry. AVX token holders will also be crucial, as they will be rewarded for their participation in AVXChange. AVXChange will be next big thing in the blockchain and digital entertainment industries.

I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to advise and share ideas with the CEO Mr. Robert Enga and the COO Ryan Strasser on how best to make AVXChange a success. I am and will continue to give relevant and valuable advice based on my experience in blockchain and traditional business.”

To learn more about our project, you can read our Whitepaper here: AVXChange Whitepaper or you can check our explainer videos which explain the platform and the company’s vision for non-tech-savvy readers:


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