After months of silent and hard work, AVXChange is very excited to announce that we are getting closer to our Beta release.

AVXChange is a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform with elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency which is designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment that is set to revolutionize the distribution of proprietary data over the internet.

Early last month, we were able to release our Alpha prototype. The Alpha contains all the main features of the AVXChange Platform that strongly resembles the Beta Application and was tested by AVXChange’s QA team which helped us identify bugs and other features that need improvement. After the first release, our team has been working on fixing those bugs and making improvements on the application and focused on the development for the Beta release. The upcoming Beta Testing will be conducted in three phases to test stability, security, and scalability. Core components of our AVXChange Application included on the Beta release will be announced during the actual Beta launch as well as limitations of the current Beta version.

Stability Testing

The first phase during the Beta testing which aims to stress the software to its maximum capacity and determine its efficiency beyond its normal operational capacity. Stability testing involves exercising the system with heavy users and measuring its performance parameters to verify whether the system will be able to support the anticipated load or not. This will help us evaluate how well our system performs under normal loads as well as with large volumes of data and help the users or the testers to understand how our system works in real-life situations.

Security Testing

This is done to ensure that the software is free from any vulnerabilities and risks that may cause big damage or loss. Security testing aims to find all possible weaknesses and system loopholes to uncover vulnerabilities of the system and determine that its data and resources are protected from possible intruders. While we aim to identify all possible security risks and to check all areas, our main areas of focus include: network security (to check vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure), software security (to assess various software weaknesses), client-side application security (to ensure that the client is in control and cannot be manipulated), and server-side security (to ensure that server codes and its technologies are solid enough to withstand any intrusion).

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing is done to evaluate the capability and the efficiency of the system to continue to function well regardless of the changes in the volume of data being processed and test the ability of the network to meet a growing need. Scalability testing is important to measure at what point the system stops scaling, identify what causes it, and come up with the best solution for scalability. While the entire blockchain ecosystem has evolved a lot over the last few years, one of the hurdles for its adoption is scalability. Scalability has been a big challenge for the entire blockchain community and with AVXChange running on its purpose built, custom distributed platform, we believe that we have the advantage to build an efficient and scalable system because of our multi-layered and multi-ledger approach.
As opposed to other typical ICOs, AVXChange had already started its platform development last year and self-funded the entire operations before its token sale with the goal of offering its potential investors with a working product during token sale instead of just selling pure concept.
AVXChange is determined to make this Beta release happen. We believe that our platform will bring the current P2P file sharing to the next level by compensating IP owners, rewarding sharing, and will further the Distributed Ledger movement by providing meaningful real world uses of the technology. This upcoming release is a major milestone, not only for us, but also for those who believe in our vision. We will be releasing video demonstrations on our website as soon as the Beta is released.

If this is your first time visiting our page and haven’t completely understood our project, we recommend that you begin by checking out our explainer videos which explain our platform and our vision for non-tech-savvy readers. Click the link for our explainer video:

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