1) It is the intent of AVXChange to provide the best consumer experience possible. It is our belief that catering to consumer needs will vastly increase sales by offering something better than today’s fragmented overly controlled audio and video marketplace.

2) It is our intent to move current users of uncompensated file-sharing platforms to our platform which compensates content creators / Intellectual Property (IP) owners. No content will be shared without first compensating the IP owner, from initial share, to every single download (an open record), the tokens from transactions will be held in trust for the IP owner until they decide to collect.

3) We are building a Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing platform with a transaction mechanism which incentivizes user purchases and participation. How our users use it, is up to them.  We maintain that we should not be held responsible for the actions of our platforms users.
Based on how current P2P networks are used, we fully expect certain jurisdictional copyright protected IP to be shared on the network. We will not be enforcing IP or Copyright laws that we are not compelled to by law. We are taking steps to ensure that our legal entity is free from aggressive copyright enforcement legislation and international treaties which require cross border enforcement as much as possible.

4) We will work to ensure that every file and the associated Intellectual property owner is accurately identified upon files being shared on our network. If a file can not be accurately identified, it will either not be allowed on the network, or the user sharing will have to make a claim as to what the file is and who owns it at the risk of punitive damages for misleading the network. We will work as much as possible to protect the identity of our users as to help shield them from unreasonable intrusions on their privacy.

5) Resistance is futile. Once our network is up, because running on DLT, the network will run in perpetuity, regardless of the property rights debates which inevitably will arise.

6) If IP owners wish to continue to pursue those they see as infringing on their rights, they should continue to focus their enforcement efforts on networks which do not seek to compensate them.

7) We will not be profiting off the exchange of files, taking only 1% of transaction costs to attempt and pay for our administrative costs, which we are quite sure will not be enough. We are initially scheduling 60% of every transaction go to the IP owner, which we believe is an industry leading percentage.

8) Our prices will be based on the relative market price of the comparable offering.

9) We look forward to discussions and debates regarding copyright, IP Law, and Digital Rights Management (DRM). We believe that by best serving the end consumer, meeting their needs, and incentivizing their monetary participation in the eXchange of Audio and Video entertainment, outdated draconian legislation regarding IP and copyright will become antiquated, and the wasted money and efforts on enforcement no longer necessary.

10) We believe with time, content creators and IP owners will see us as the friend and ally we believe we are to them. We believe that together we will all be able to build a more fair and equitable world for entertainment media distribution.

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