Appointment of New Vice Chairman of AVXChange and CEO of AVXChange Korea

Appointment of New Vice Chairman of AVXChange and CEO of AVXChange Korea

AVXChange is excited to announce the appointment of Donald Lee as our new Vice Chairman of AVXChange. Mr. Lee will also be the acting CEO of the soon to be formed AVXChange Korea, an entity which will allow AVXChange to establish a central hub for the Asian marketplace.

Mr. Lee brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role. Mr. Lee has run an established (fifty-two years,) successful paper shredder manufacturing company acting as President and CEO for nearly thirty years. In the year 2000, Mr Lee also established an international marketing and trade company that specializes in renewable energy, automobile, medical, quarantine, cosmetic, and stationery related products, quickly growing into a global market force. As a forward thinker, Mr. Lee continuously researches future business trends and has begun to immerse himself in the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency and has established and operated crypto exchange centers since 2016.

When asked his thoughts about the his new partnership with AVXChange, Mr. Lee said the following,

“I have the conviction and confidence to complete the success story of AVXChange through the Korean market. I will do my best to create a successful service and ecosystem for AVXChange.”

AVXChange CEO, Robert Enga, has this to say about the new team member,

“Mr Lee brings proven business success and a wealth of experience to AVXChange. We are honored and grateful that he has the vision to understand what we are doing and the drive to help us get there. He is exactly what we need at this point in our development to help us realize our ambitious goal of becoming a global, community run, digital media distribution platform. We are excited for this next stage in our development and have clear achievable technical and business goals in our sights.”

You can find Mr. Lee here:

Appointment of Specialized AVXChange Advisor: Investor Relations

Appointment of Specialized AVXChange Advisor: Investor Relations

AVXChange is excited to announce the addition of a new advisor to our team!

Anne Winston has joined the AVXChange team now managing investor relationships and building strategic partnerships in the US and Singapore. She will also be helping us source private equity. Anne, A Los Angeles native, has been working in Sales and Marketing for over fifteen years, five of those years in Singapore.

In her previous role, she also took charge of building partner relationships and was a decision-maker on SaaS purchasing. This experience catapulted her into technology where she ultimately transitioned to FinTech, bringing with her the soft skills that are so often missing from the industry.

AVXChange Releases Another Demonstration Video of Our Beta Client Application (v0.55)

AVXChange Releases Another Demonstration Video of Our Beta Client Application (v0.55)

AVXChange is proud to release another video demonstration of our current Beta application (v0.55). This demonstration was performed by our CEO and documented by our QA team to show how our application will work. We made sure to film our demonstration video in one single shot, gonzo style, and with no edits so you could see how our application works in real time.

AVXChange’s platform seeks to revolutionize the P2P industry by developing a file sharing program with a polished interface and transaction mechanism which allows users to compensate intellectual property (IP) owners and incentivizes users by allowing them to earn for their role in distributing the product to market.

In line with the release of our demonstration video, the Beta application will be made available to the public very soon. Our team is working tirelessly to make this release possible and successful. This upcoming release is a major milestone, not only for us but also for those who believe in our vision.

Core components of our Beta application included on the Beta release will be announced during the public Beta launch as well as limitations of the current Beta version. We hope that this will let you have a clearer understanding of how our application works.

Watch our video demonstration here:

We want to remind those of you interested that we will be issuing native AVX tokens to beta testers to use on our network for the purpose of beta testing. Our beta testers will initially need to apply with us, so if you are interested please click here to apply:

Send us your feedback!
We encourage the community to help us improve our system and our services by sending us your feedback including screenshots, videos or notes to our official Telegram account or you may email us at We will be giving an incentive for those who will be giving us significant feedback towards our platform.

AVXChange Airdrop Distribution Announcement

AVXChange Airdrop Distribution Announcement

We are pleased to announce that AVXChange airdrop distribution has ended!

We want to express our sincere gratitude to the AVX community for their continued attention and support toward our project. We ask that you all continue to spread the word about AVXChange as we get closer to our public beta release. Since you can no longer get AVX prior to official network launch/IEO, we want to remind those of you interested, that we will be issuing native AVX tokens to beta testers to use on our network for the purpose of beta testing.

The ERC20 AVX tokens that you received from this airdrop will only act as a placeholder for the future native AVX tokens and are not compatible with the AVXChange platform and its corresponding features. Therefore, they need to be migrated onto the new blockchain.

Once the final blockchain solution is fully developed, tested, and successfully verified, a self-sufficient blockchain (the mainnet) will be launched. All AVX tokens will be created in the genesis block and will be available for token swap or migration. During the token swap, users will be able to swap their ERC20 AVX for the mainnet AVX or the native AVX on a 1:1 basis. Users who hold the ERC20 tokens will receive the same amount of the native AVX tokens.

Our beta testers will initially need to apply with us, so if you are interested please click here to apply:

Website Translation Bounty

Website Translation Bounty

Help us spread the word about AVXChange by translating our website into multiple languages and receive AVX tokens for your contribution. Participants with technical background will be prioritized. Translators must have knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency and those who have translation experience from other projects will be a plus.

We will be choosing two (2) translators for each language, wherein, one will be the lead translator and the other one will be the supporting translator. The lead translator is in charge of doing the translation of all the content on our site, including the articles we have posted. The supporting translator is in charge of reviewing the translation made by the lead translator.

Recruitment starts on June 3rd, 2019. Once the lead translator position is filled, he/she can start immediately and will be given a period of ten (10) days to finish the task and relay the translation to the supporting translator. The supporting translator shall review the translation for five (5) days and shall contact the lead translator to offer suggestions, conduct constructive criticism, and proofread to ensure that the translation is correct and concise. We will set up a group chat for each pair of translators including team members from AVXChange to assist the translators.

Get started here:

For more bounty programs, visit AVXChange page on Bountyhive:

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Edition

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Edition

AVXChange is thrilled to have been part of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit held last May 23rd-24th, 2019 at St. Julian’s, Malta. Our COO, Mr. Ryan Strasser represented AVXChange during the event and said it was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many interesting and knowledgeable people. We were able to introduce our platform to dozens of visitors, many of which had positive and helpful responses about AVXChange. Due to increased demand, Malta AI and Blockchain Summit will be held twice this year. The second event is already scheduled in November.


Following the ground-breaking event in 2018, where more than 8,500 attendees came to meet some of the world’s best blockchain influencers, speakers, and VIP guests, Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Spring Edition (2019) aimed to surpass the €100 million generated at the 2018 event. This month, the blockchain island welcomed thousands of investors and innovators in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Quantum Technology, Big Data and Internet of Things. The Malta AI and Blockchain Summit Spring Edition had come to a successful and somewhat beguiling close on May 24th, after two action-packed days of networking, exhibiting and great presentations.


Malta AI and Blockchain Summit is a highly successful event series that gathers attendees and numerous thought leaders from all over the world. We at AVXChange are proud to have taken part in such a well organized and successful event.

Thank you to all the staff and organizers that worked so hard to ensure the best experience for all visitors.

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