AVXChange Token (AVX) is the currency of commerce on the AVXChange network. AVXChange is an audio and video file sharing community with a token economy to reward all members for their role in the distribution of media files. AVXChange will be running on its purpose built, custom distributed platform with elements of blockchain, for transparency and immutable transaction history, and cryptocurrency. The platform will be using its own form of cryptocurrency, AVX, to facilitate quick efficient global transactions and be used to incentivize users to share files, maintain the network, and reward intellectual property owners for creating the media we all love and enjoy.

While preparing for the mainnet launch and release of official client application, the AVX Tokens will exist as ERC20 Tokens on the Ethereum Network and users will be able to send and receive their ERC20 AVX Tokens on their Ether wallets. The ERC20 AVX Tokens will only act as a placeholder for the future native AVX Tokens and are not compatible with the AVXChange platform and its corresponding features. Therefore, they need to be migrated onto the new blockchain.

Once the final blockchain solution is fully developed, tested, and successfully verified, a self-sufficient blockchain (the mainnet) will be launched. All AVX Tokens will be created in the genesis block and will be available for token swap or migration. During the token swap, users will be able to swap their ERC20 AVX for the mainnet AVX or the native AVX on a 1:1 basis. Users who hold the ERC20 Tokens will receive the same amount of the native AVX Tokens.

Mainnet launch and token swap indicates that the project team has successfully delivered the key promises stated in their White Paper and is realizing their development roadmap. Previously, a few of the best known token swaps were EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX) and VeChain (VEN).
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