AVXChange Team

The AVXChange team is comprised of a talented and driven multinational group of computer scientists, engineers, designers, and enthusiasts dedicated to building a transparent, fair, and incentivised P2P file sharing platform which compensates all parties involved in the distribution of intellectual property.
CEO & Founder

Robert Enga

Growing up in Seattle Washington, a lifelong technology enthusiast, Robert cut his teeth at an early age on platforms such as the Apple II, and Commodore 64. Robert has immersed himself in most things related to technology. Robert worked as a field engineer for Fujitsu Electronics, before going back to college to complete a degree in Communication, graduating cum laude from Western Washington University. He then studied for another two years to get the necessary credits, knowledge, and training to become a Washington State licensed elementary school teacher. He then worked in the Seattle School District as a elementary school technology specialist.

After several years of successful teaching, Robert decided he would like to see more of the world and accepted a job working for a K-12 international school as a technology coordinator. International living had a life changing impact on Robert and he soon headed to Asia to pursue his dreams.

Robert has had a lifelong interest and passion for music and film. Making stop motion films with friends as early as elementary school. A self confessed vidophile, Robert voraciously consumes media, and has been interested in independent film as a way of getting something different than the typical formulaic ‘Hollywood drivel’. The 90s brought us more independent film and the internet, and with that peaked Robert’s interest in on demand video delivery.

Having conceptualized an incentivized peer to peer file sharing system in the early 2000’s, he named AVXIP, Robert was unable to solve the issues around centralized tracking systems and payment methods. The centralized tracking systems were clear targets for attack and payment systems were controlled by banking institutions and were far from providing any levels of anonymity. The evolution of cryptocurrency, distributed computing, and blockchain has changed that. AVXIP’s evolved technology has now been developed by Resonant technology and is being licensed to AVXChange.

With AVXChange, Robert is pleased to share his dream with the world. AVXChange is a marketplace which allows a small independent artist to sell their work alongside the work of major artists and studios to a worldwide market. With almost no cost of entry, transparent record keeping, market leading returns, the artists will be exposed to technology and media enthusiasts and early adopters, setting trends and influencing others.

Senior Software Engineer and Blockchain Developer


Dustin’s long tenure in the technology field combined with his decade-long expertise and love for software development had helped grow a strategic team for the development of new exploratory projects. He graduated cum laude from Holy Child Computer College with a degree in Computer Science and holds Master’s degree in Information Technology. He has worked at several large companies and had led various development projects.

Dustin was a Senior Technical Trainer/Mobile Development Supervisor at Hubport Outsourcing Inc. in 2013 wherein, he was in charge of enhancing developer’s skills in terms of proper programming logic, object-oriented approach, database normalization, and web frameworks. Prior to joining our team, he has worked as a senior game developer and as a team lead at Next BPO Solutions where he was assigned in front-end (Javascript, HTML5/Canvas) development, database management and integration, and creating algorithms to improve game performance using C/C++ programming running in the backend/server.

Software Engineer and Blockchain Developer


Ash was a former Backend Game Developer where he writes codes related to the functionalities of the game and manages database optimizations and better database structure. He specializes in backend development and does front end development as well. Ash has knowledge in various computer programming language such as: C, C++, Java, Javascript, JQuery, Python and many more. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Mindanao. Ash is a quiet type of person who focuses more on his task and manages his time very well.

Full Stack Graphic Designer


Dern is a professional full-stack graphic designer with years of experience. Honored as the best capstone poster during his college days programming, creating a device to toggling electricity through a computer by using Arduino. He is very passionate in every project he works on and collaborates with the clients, the team, and various businesses to develop and design systems and strategies to do more client-oriented and more creative work. He is focusing on creating smart, dynamic, and conceptual work for web, mobile, and desktop application UI/UX design. He does online visual communications as well and loves exploring typography, imagery, and illustration.

Dern aims to match creativity and marketing and enjoys getting comments and feedbacks regarding his works to improve them. He works with honesty and originality at all times. He establishes a good relationship with his clients by partnering with the people and brands who he admires. After working as a web and graphics designer for several companies, Dern made the decision to join our team, bringing his passion for web design with him.

In his free time, he loves to play Xbox games, sleep without limits, cook a fun meal, go hiking, camping, and motorcycling. He values authenticity, trust, dignity, and always seek to see the goodness in others.

Software Engineer and Blockchain Developer

Christian Dave

Christian is one of our junior developers who also has a strong background in software development. He has a computer programming knowledge in C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, and C#. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at AMA Computer College and graduated as an honoree. During his college years, he was able to expand his knowledge in programming by participating on several programming competitions. He was also a dean’s lister and had received the Best Thesis Award. After he graduated, he worked as an IT Support and as an image annotator before joining the team.

Full Stack Developer


Jayvee is a full stack developer with over 7 years of experience. He has extensive web developing skills which includes: hardcode PHP scripting, AJAX , HTML, CSS, MYSQL and Jquery/Native javascript. He also knows wordpress plugin, theme development and is also capable of using web designing tools such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Jayvee worked in an IT company for almost 6 years before joining the team. He is looking forward to apply and further enhance his ability, knowledge, and character and to subsequently add value to the company and to the people the company provides service for.

Software Developer and Network Engineer


Arjay graduated from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He is a Certified Computer Hardware Servicing NCII (COC 1&4) and a Cisco Certified Network Associate-Routing & Switching (CCNA) certificate holder. He has an experience in Network Security and Network topologies and knows various programming language such as C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, C# and Mysql. While he was in college, he worked as a WordPress Developer at Bettervitamin.com for a couple of months and decided to join the team as a junior developer after he graduated.



Haw works with founders of a few listed companies over a few decades. The listed companies annual turnover are in the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and helped to kickstart a few IPOs. Haw exited as a C-suite member in one of its subsidiaries, he is now a partner in a fintech company. Haw will use his experience in business, fintech and his connections across these industries to advise AVXChange on related matters.


Anne Winston

A Los Angeles native, Anne has been working in Sales and Marketing for more than fifteen years, five of those years in Singapore. In her previous role she also took charge of building partner relationships and was a decision maker on SaaS purchasing. This experience catapulted her into technology where she ultimately transitioned to fintech, bringing with her the soft skills that are so often missing from the industry. Currently she works with AVXChange managing investor relationships and building strategic partnerships in the US and Singapore.


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