1. Buying now allows you to get in on a tremendous project at an amazing value point.

  1. The closest competitor (whose proposed payment/reward system is still unclear) looks to not reward content creators, BitTorrent Token (BTT), has a current market cap of $141 million USD.
  2. AVX Presale tokens are priced 40% below our proposed IEO price.
  3. The proposed IEO is priced at roughly 35% of what the still vague BTT is currently valued at.
  4. We planned our IEO pricing to help ensure that tokens hit the market and go up in value rather than stagnate or decline.

2. The way the AVXChange network will function as far as payments and rewards is already detailed, easy to understand, and fair for all parties involved.

3. Buying now let’s you support a project which fills critical needs in the market. Needs such as providing a single source to buy all of your media, easy cross-border global transactions, rewarding content creators, and allowing purchasers to earn from sharing the files they purchase. AVXChange will reduce the number of uncompensated downloads and allow small independent artists to easily sell their work alongside major artists and studios.

4. AVXChange is situated to become a major competitor in the multi-trillion dollar global digital entertainment download industry by using industry disrupting digital ledger technology (DLT), blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology.

5. AVX tokens will be used on the network to buy media, therefore having embedded intrinsic value.

6. AVXChange has planned and is building design and functionality superior to any other existing or currently publicly planned platforms.

7.Once built and deployed, the network will sustain itself, be distributed, and capable of running in perpetuity by being developed using DLT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

8. Limited opportunity to participate:

  • Only 5% of total tokens are offered during presale and the offer could end at any moment as they may be purchased in large chunks by single entities.
  • The project is heavily financed by founders and private capital, the IEO is not necessary for product launch and the already planned generous proposed terms of IEO may change as market conditions may dictate.

9. AVXChange has a dedicated team, whose sole mission is to bring this project to fruition. We envision an equitable system where consumer needs are put first and rewards all parties for participating.

  • Shortly after we release beta for public use and prior to official network launch, we will open our code to be security tested by the community. In the meantime you can expect regular detailed reports.

10. Community members may participate in Presale, and show support of AVX with as little as 1ETH.


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Learn more about AVXChange – Audio Video eXchange by visiting avxchange.io Be part of the evolution of P2P file sharing and join the Distributed Entertainment Revolution!

Watch the Demonstration Video of AVXChange Beta Client Application (v0.42) here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUxL9HxLrw&t=8s

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