How much do artists and content creators earn from streaming services?

According to Digital Music News who have published a streaming royalty payout list for 2019, Napster remains the king of streaming music payouts at $0.019 per stream on the average rate which would require artists and content creators to gather around 77,474 total plays for them to earn $1,472 (US monthly minimum wage). On the other hand, Youtube has the worst per-stream payouts at $0.00069 per stream. Artists and content creators should gather around 2,133,333 plays in order for them to earn the US monthly minimum wage.

Here is the list of Top 9 music streaming services payout for 2019 by Digital Music News:


Per play rate: $0.01900
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 77,474


Per play rate: $0.00640
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 230,000


Per play rate: $0.00069
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 2,133,333


Per play rate: $0.01250
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 177,604


Per play rate: $0.00437
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 336,842

Apple Music

Per play rate: $0.00735
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 200,272


Per play rate: $0.00402
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 366,169

Google Play Music

Per play rate: $0.00676
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 217,752

Pandora Premium

Per play rate: $0.00133
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 1,106,767

If you are an aspiring artist, it would be wise to reconsider before you put your songs onto these platforms and try to search for an alternative platform or solution.

Did you know that artists only received 2% of the $43 billion the industry generated in 2017?
When revenues are at an all-time high at $43 billion a year in the US, it makes no sense that artists only take home 12%. They created the content but they are getting the smallest piece of the pie. US consumers alone spend over $20 billion a year on music, but record labels, publishers, streaming companies, radio satellites, and other players who stepped in to help with distribution and sales took almost $10 billion, while artists received just around $5 billion. Majority of what the artists received even came from touring. This is according to Citigroup’s media, cable and satellite researcher Jason Bazinet. Artists don’t really get what they should for their works. Even Taylor Swift boycott Spotify in the past when she claimed she was being ripped off over royalties.

If these artists would like to increase their earnings, they must look for an alternative way of publishing their content. Ideally, artists should be able to release their content directly to consumers so they could take the majority of the profit. They should be able to cut all these middlemen and look for a platform that compensates artists fairly.

With AVXChange, artists and content creators will be compensated properly and consistently. Anyone, including new artists, can easily share media files to the network and start earning. AVXChange seeks to give all artists the same industry-leading percentage (60%) of the purchase price.

With that being said, do you think these streaming services are deemed to be a loss-making giants?

Check this post from Digital Music News for more insights: and read our White Paper to learn more about our platform:

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