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AVXChange is an incentivized distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing network built with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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Enjoy an almost unlimited selection of media!

AVXChange gives you access to whatever media file you want, whenever you want.

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You get paid to share! We reward you for your role as a file distributor on our P2P network.

We facilitate scalable mass distribution of large data files. Users can download at the maximum speed their connections allow.

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A robust and dynamic network with decentralized asset accounting

We revolutionize P2P file sharing by eliminating centralized trackers and implementing a distributed file asset database.

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Finally, Intellectual Property (IP) owners will get paid for the work we all love and enjoy!

We compensate network participants and we are the first platform in the P2P industry to compensate IP owners.

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The evolution of P2P has arrived. Welcome to nextgen file sharing!

We step up the P2P game by incorporating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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AVX or Audio Video eXchange

AVXChange, or Audio Video eXchange is an incentivized peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment over the internet. It is a unique distributed P2P file sharing platform built using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain, and our native cryptocurrency (AVX), for incentivized purchasing and participation, easy global transactions, security, and an immutable transparent transaction history.

Watch one or both of our explainer videos below to learn more. If you want to learn even more, please check out the latest version of our white paper, and consider subscribing to our social media channels for future updates.

AVXChange aims to:


  • Provide the best audio and video retail consumer experience
  • Reduce the amount of uncompensated P2P file sharing
  • Compensate IP owners
  • Allow users to earn for distributing the product to market
  • Increase the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Give independent artists a direct path to market, increased exposure, and more equity
Watch our condensed (3:23) video explainer here or click the link below for our full length version.


ERC20 Token of AVXChange

AVXChange will be having its own token called the AVX Token that users can earn by participating in the network. It will be purchasable by other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

Demonstration Video of AVXChange Beta Client Application (v0.42)

AVXChange is proud to release the video demonstration of the current Beta platform and unveil the first glimpse of our Client Application. This demonstration was performed and documented by our QA team and shows how our application will work.


Join our beta testers!

Contact us now to get an invitation for our upcoming beta testing. Leave us a message on our email by clicking the button below.

AVXChange will conduct public beta testing early or mid Q3 of 2019..


Check our detailed Weekly Development Update

Every week, we will be posting an update of the major goals and accomplishments of our team. Now that we have our beta prototype running, the AVXChange team is very motivated to advance the development of our platform by achieving our desired goals and staying on schedule.


Frequently Asked Question for AVXChange

Here’s the list of questions commonly asked by our web visitors. Check it out, you might have the same queries.
What is AVXChange?
AVXChange or Audio Video eXchange is designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment over the internet. It is a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform with elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
What is Distributed Ledger Technology?
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a digital system for recording transactions in which transactions are recorded across a network of computers called nodes and have no central data storage. The most widely used and developed type of distributed ledger these days is blockchain.
What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency, often referred to as crypto, is a digital currency or digital money used as a medium of exchange. It carries out international money transfers, payments and remittances using the internet.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a digital ledger, a type of distributed ledger technology that is used to record transactions in a chronological order on a ledger which is being distributed all throughout the network. It utilizes cryptographic security to ensure the security of every transaction. Transactions on a blockchain are being distributed and agreed upon by all parties.
What is P2P?
P2P stands for peer-to-peer. Peers are computers that are connected to each other through the internet and  it allow sharing of files directly with each other on the network.
What is intellectual property?
Intellectual property is a property classification which includes intangible creations of a person such as motion pictures, music, etc.  

AVXChange Roadmap

Here’s where we want to take you! Take a look at our highlighted achievements and future plans and developments.

2018 Q4 Website launched and explainer videos released for AVXChange

2019 Q1 Begin to build social sites/network

2022 Q4 Sell 10% of tokens to help fund software finalization and marketing push

2023 Q1 Begin public beta rollout.

2023 Q1 Ongoing,  give up to 5% of tokens away to key influencers and beta testers to work with and give exposure to the platform

2023 Q2 Open code for public audit.

2023 Q3 Launch official client application

2023 Q3 ICO/IEO to coincide with initial official client application release

2024 Q1 Reach 100,000 users

2024 Q1 Roll out Community News Feed features

2024 Q2 Roll out Home Media Server feature

2025 Q1 Reach 1,000,000 user

2025 Q1 Roll out streaming user created content

2026 Q1 Reach 10,000,000 users

2026 Q1 Roll out Advertising on streaming option to coincide with earn to watch advertising model


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Read the latest updates about AVXChange here. 
Appointment of Specialized AVXChange Advisor: Investor Relations

Appointment of Specialized AVXChange Advisor: Investor Relations

AVXChange is excited to announce the addition of a new advisor to our team! Anne Winston has joined the AVXChange team now managing investor relationships and building strategic partnerships in the US and Singapore. She will also be helping us source private equity....

iTunes is shutting down!

iTunes is shutting down!

During its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in California, Apple announced that iTunes is shutting down. Mac users will be introduced to three separate apps for music, television, and podcasts. Launched in 2011, iTunes was indeed one of the most...

Top 9 Music Streaming Services Payout for 2019

Top 9 Music Streaming Services Payout for 2019

According to Digital Music News who have published a streaming royalty payout list for 2019, Napster remains the king of streaming music payouts at $0.019 per stream on the average rate which would require artists and content creators to gather around 77,474 total...

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