Top 9 Music Streaming Services Payout for 2019

Top 9 Music Streaming Services Payout for 2019

How much do artists and content creators earn from streaming services?

According to Digital Music News who have published a streaming royalty payout list for 2019, Napster remains the king of streaming music payouts at $0.019 per stream on the average rate which would require artists and content creators to gather around 77,474 total plays for them to earn $1,472 (US monthly minimum wage). On the other hand, Youtube has the worst per-stream payouts at $0.00069 per stream. Artists and content creators should gather around 2,133,333 plays in order for them to earn the US monthly minimum wage.

Here is the list of Top 9 music streaming services payout for 2019 by Digital Music News:


Per play rate: $0.01900
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 77,474


Per play rate: $0.00640
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 230,000


Per play rate: $0.00069
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 2,133,333


Per play rate: $0.01250
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 177,604


Per play rate: $0.00437
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 336,842

Apple Music

Per play rate: $0.00735
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 200,272


Per play rate: $0.00402
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 366,169

Google Play Music

Per play rate: $0.00676
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 217,752

Pandora Premium

Per play rate: $0.00133
Total Plays Need to Earn $1,472: 1,106,767

If you are an aspiring artist, it would be wise to reconsider before you put your songs onto these platforms and try to search for an alternative platform or solution.

Did you know that artists only received 2% of the $43 billion the industry generated in 2017?
When revenues are at an all-time high at $43 billion a year in the US, it makes no sense that artists only take home 12%. They created the content but they are getting the smallest piece of the pie. US consumers alone spend over $20 billion a year on music, but record labels, publishers, streaming companies, radio satellites, and other players who stepped in to help with distribution and sales took almost $10 billion, while artists received just around $5 billion. Majority of what the artists received even came from touring. This is according to Citigroup’s media, cable and satellite researcher Jason Bazinet. Artists don’t really get what they should for their works. Even Taylor Swift boycott Spotify in the past when she claimed she was being ripped off over royalties.

If these artists would like to increase their earnings, they must look for an alternative way of publishing their content. Ideally, artists should be able to release their content directly to consumers so they could take the majority of the profit. They should be able to cut all these middlemen and look for a platform that compensates artists fairly.

With AVXChange, artists and content creators will be compensated properly and consistently. Anyone, including new artists, can easily share media files to the network and start earning. AVXChange seeks to give all artists the same industry-leading percentage (60%) of the purchase price.

With that being said, do you think these streaming services are deemed to be a loss-making giants?

Check this post from Digital Music News for more insights: and read our White Paper to learn more about our platform:

Fractured Streaming Services, Drive Users to Piracy –  AVXChange Offers a Solution

Fractured Streaming Services, Drive Users to Piracy – AVXChange Offers a Solution

Streaming war is coming!

For the last decade, streaming services like Netflix have become a popular way of watching television and film which lead to the disruption of the entertainment business model. Streaming has become the standard for watching movies and TV-shows for most individuals and has become the biggest competitor for piracy sites. With the rise of more and more streaming services by large media companies such as Apple and Disney, it is becoming difficult for consumers to choose which services to subscribe to in order to get all the files they want, especially now that these companies are spending a great deal more on producing exclusive content.

Are consumers ready to pay for three, five or more different monthly subscriptions?

According to research by piracy research firm MUSO, people are likely to use unlicensed platforms to search for content that is unavailable. Which means individuals are considering to pirate those files since they feel like they are already paying too much for their subscription and are not willing to pay for any more streaming services.

If you are currently subscribed to any streaming service, are you willing to ditch current services for a better solution?

For those reasons previously mentioned, AVXChange would like to present our platform to those unsatisfied consumers. AVXChange’s platform will be available in any country and will allow users to purchase any content they wish through a single interface. Which means, AVXChange is going to provide all the files you want, any time you want without having to pay or create several accounts with various retailers to acquire all the possible content you wish to acquire.

AVXChange or Audio Video eXchange is an incentivized peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment over the internet. It is a unique distributed P2P file sharing platform built using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain, and our native cryptocurrency (AVX), for incentivized purchasing and participation, easy global transactions, security, and immutable transparent transaction history.

Ernesto at TorrentFreak wrote an in-depth article on this topic.
Check it out for more insight:

Top 10 Reasons why you Should buy Presale AVX Tokens now!

Top 10 Reasons why you Should buy Presale AVX Tokens now!

1. Buying now allows you to get in on a tremendous project at an amazing value point.

  1. The closest competitor (whose proposed payment/reward system is still unclear) looks to not reward content creators, BitTorrent Token (BTT), has a current market cap of $141 million USD.
  2. AVX Presale tokens are priced 40% below our proposed IEO price.
  3. The proposed IEO is priced at roughly 35% of what the still vague BTT is currently valued at.
  4. We planned our IEO pricing to help ensure that tokens hit the market and go up in value rather than stagnate or decline.

2. The way the AVXChange network will function as far as payments and rewards is already detailed, easy to understand, and fair for all parties involved.

3. Buying now let’s you support a project which fills critical needs in the market. Needs such as providing a single source to buy all of your media, easy cross-border global transactions, rewarding content creators, and allowing purchasers to earn from sharing the files they purchase. AVXChange will reduce the number of uncompensated downloads and allow small independent artists to easily sell their work alongside major artists and studios.

4. AVXChange is situated to become a major competitor in the multi-trillion dollar global digital entertainment download industry by using industry disrupting digital ledger technology (DLT), blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology.

5. AVX tokens will be used on the network to buy media, therefore having embedded intrinsic value.

6. AVXChange has planned and is building design and functionality superior to any other existing or currently publicly planned platforms.

7.Once built and deployed, the network will sustain itself, be distributed, and capable of running in perpetuity by being developed using DLT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

8. Limited opportunity to participate:

  • Only 5% of total tokens are offered during presale and the offer could end at any moment as they may be purchased in large chunks by single entities.
  • The project is heavily financed by founders and private capital, the IEO is not necessary for product launch and the already planned generous proposed terms of IEO may change as market conditions may dictate.

9. AVXChange has a dedicated team, whose sole mission is to bring this project to fruition. We envision an equitable system where consumer needs are put first and rewards all parties for participating.

  • Shortly after we release beta for public use and prior to official network launch, we will open our code to be security tested by the community. In the meantime you can expect regular detailed reports.

10. Community members may participate in Presale, and show support of AVX with as little as 1ETH.


Buy AVX Tokens now!


Learn more about AVXChange – Audio Video eXchange by visiting Be part of the evolution of P2P file sharing and join the Distributed Entertainment Revolution!

Watch the Demonstration Video of AVXChange Beta Client Application (v0.42) here:

How to Buy AVX Tokens

How to Buy AVX Tokens

AVXChange released a complete video tutorial on how to buy AVX Tokens on our Smart Contract for our ongoing Phase 2 of Token Presale.
Anyone wishing to purchase AVX tokens during the presale can NOW PURCHASE AVX tokens for the minimum purchase of only 1 ETH.

AVXChange offers 5%, 1,000,000,000 AVX (ERC20), of its total 20,000,000,000 AVX Token (AVX) supply to private parties or the general public via presale.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy AVX Tokens.


AVXChange launched the first phase of its token presale on March 25th, 2019, 08:00 (UTC+8) which ended on April 19th, 2019. During the first phase, each contributor was able to purchase a minimum of 36 ETH (4,800,000 AVX Tokens) worth of AVX Tokens at 150,000 ETH market cap.

For the second phase, the remaining 856,000,000 AVX Tokens are being sold at 0.00001125 ETH and the minimum purchase is reduced to 1 ETH (88,888.88888889 AVX Tokens). The total AVX Tokens have an increased market cap of 225,000 ETH, still 40% lower than planned ICO price.

The total funds raised from these token sales will be used to advance and finalize the development of the AVXChange platform, to push through its marketing campaign, and for legal expenses.

Watch the Demonstration Video of AVXChange Beta Client Application (v0.42) here:

AVXChange: Leading the Distributed Entertainment Revolution

AVXChange: Leading the Distributed Entertainment Revolution


AVXChange is the next evolutionary step in the current peer-to-peer (P2P) industry and is undeniably superior to traditional methods of file distribution, leading the way to the development of the first ever P2P file sharing platform that compensates intellectual property (IP) owners and incentivizes users by allowing them to earn for their role in distributing the product to market.

AVXChange, or Audio Video eXchange in its simplest form is a retail platform for audio and video entertainment. More specifically, AVXChange is a custom, incentive based, P2P file sharing platform designed for the exchange of audio and video media over the internet. AVXChange could further be described as a FinTech business established on the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) set to revolutionize the distribution of entertainment over the internet.

The Need

The company’s goal is to address a need in the market to convert uncompensated P2P media file downloads into compensated media downloads by incentivizing P2P file sharing participants to purchase their files. Uncompensated downloads are when IP owners receive no compensation for their work being downloaded which are present on many existing P2P file sharing platforms.
AVXChange resolves the need for artists to have a fair, transparent market for their digital distribution, unlike current subscription models which only give artists pennies on the dollar for their works.
Through AVXChange, file sharing participants are incentivized to compensate IP owners by allowing those sharing the files to profit from their involvement in the distribution network, economically compensating them for the usage of their bandwidth, processing, and storage resources.


AVXChange is the evolution of P2P file sharing. Unlike other existing P2P file sharing applications, the AVXChange platform will be a distributed system using blockchain to eliminate centralized data points, thus increasing security and transparency as all nodes on the network will reach consensus on data and events.

The AVXChange network will be a custom built platform which includes the distributed ledger/database, cryptocurrency, a layered node network, a client application, and backend administrative application/interface. The ledger and cryptocurrency will be secured using cryptographic algorithms, blockchain type hashing, and custom consensus methods.

It will be powered by its own token running on its own proprietary network and blockchain. The AVXChange Token (AVX) will be the currency of the commerce on the network and may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies at the given exchange rate at the time. AVX tokens will be earned by sharing media files as well as by acting as a node which supports the network infrastructure.
As the rate of technological advancement is rapidly increasing, along with the increasing popularity and advanced applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency among different industries, AVXChange has found a way to incorporate these revolutionary technologies into the current P2P file sharing with the goal of bringing the current P2P industry to the next level.
Unlike typical ICOs, AVXChange had already started its platform development last year and self-funded the entire operations before its token sale with the goal of offering its potential investors with a working product during token sale instead of just selling pure concept. AVXChange is set to launch their beta release this month and had started their ongoing token pre-sale last March 25, 2019.

If this is your first time reading about AVXChange and haven’t completely understood the project, you can check our explainer videos which explain the platform and the company’s vision for non-tech-savvy readers. Click the link to watch the videos:

A Preview of AVXIP: A Distributed P2P Network with Elements of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A Preview of AVXIP: A Distributed P2P Network with Elements of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

With the increasing popularity and advanced applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency among different industries, AVXIP has responded with a new twist in the entertainment industry.


In 2008, AVXIP, a FinTech business conceptualized a proprietary protocol for scalable mass distribution of large data files. AVXIP stands for Audio Video eXchange over Internet Protocol. It is designed for the exchange of audio and video entertainment that is set to revolutionize the distribution of proprietary data over the internet. Being eager to move forward, the company immediately began to develop their business plan and start to flesh out the process.


The initial implementation of AVXIP’s protocol was ambitious and a bit ahead of its time technically as there were challenges from security and centralized data points as well as difficulties with payment options. Only since 2014 with the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies were there technological solutions to the challenges faced.


Last year, as AVXIP pursue its vision, the company contracted with Resonant Marketing Group, a Blockchain Consultant Company to develop their proprietary P2P file exchange network. It is said to be a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) network with elements of blockchain and cryptocurrency, creating a whole new platform in the entertainment industry and changing the way we do file sharing.


Following the contract between AVXIP and Resonant Marketing Group, AVXIP licenses their protocol to AVXChange just this year. The agreement made between the two parties makes AVXChange as the first and sole licensee at the moment and will enjoy an exclusive right to the technology for three years. Details about the said technology are not forthcoming.

You can buy AVX token by sending your ETH to the Smart Contract for our Crowdsale

Send your ETH Here:


*Your ETH must come from a compatible ERC20 token wallet ONLY! NO EXCHANGE WALLET! Your corresponding AVX tokens will be automatically sent to your ETH wallet